Asexuality & Anime w/ Brittany @blingeblange

In this episode of the UNACCLAIMED we get a crash course in asexuality with our special guest Brittany who is a member of the asexual/ace community.

We kick it off with Johan and Noel talking to Brittany about anime while Herwin listens politely.

We learn what it means to be an asexual person (00:16:21:19), dispel common misconceptions about asexuality, listen to Brittany's personal experience of coming out as an asexual (00:46:40:16), and chat about being an actor/model or model/actor (00:46:40:16).


To learn more about asexuality please visit

Episode cover of Brittany shot by @wcpublishing

And you can follow Brittany on Instagram @blingblange 

Presented by Courtside Theory

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